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“Housing is the key to maintaining community and providing an exceptional quality of life for all Staten Islanders."

The North Shore needs more affordable housing so that all Staten Islanders have a place to call home; as a City Councilwoman I will insist that big developers face stricter requirements to provide affordable housing.

Ensuring that all Staten Islanders have somewhere safe to call home must be a priority; I will continue to support efforts to compel developers and landlords to maintain safe living conditions.

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“People can take away everything from you but your education.”

Our children must be our greatest investment; as a City Councilwoman I will fight an education that serves the diverse needs of Children on the North Shore.

Schools in the North Shore must provide opportunities beyond 12th grade, and prepare students to become active members of the community; as a City Councilwoman I will push for the community school model to become more integrated into our neighborhoods.

Equality must be at the forefront of our conversations about education; I will continue to fight for an education system that provides all children a fair chance to achieve whatever they put their minds to.

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Small Business
As Staten Islanders we must ensure that public spaces work for the people; we must uplift small businesses and provide functional spaces for public use.

Transportation drives economic prosperity and must be accessible to all Staten Islanders; we must innovate and think of a multifaceted transportation infrastructure that does more for the people of Staten Island.

With an ever evolving economy we must think innovatively about creating the workforce of tomorrow; our community needs more opportunities to participate in a 21st Century economy.

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Staten Island is the only borough without a full service publicly funded hospital.

The North Shore has had more cases of COVID19 than Mid Island and South Shore combined; as your representative I will fight to eradicate the disparities that continue to disadvantage the North Shore.

All Staten Islanders deserve healthcare; as a member of the City Council I will advocate for healthcare options that are affordable, equitable and accessible to all Staten Islanders.

Now, more than ever, open spaces must become a priority to ensure the health and safety of all Staten Islanders and I will fight to increase the number of open spaces accessible to the public on Staten Island.

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Fighting for the North Shore!


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